Telenor Bank

Consulting Support on Requirements and Design Phase Telenor d.o.o. – Financial Services (2014)

Adriatic Investment Management acted as one of the subcontractors of PricewaterhouseCoopers providing a key expert on this project. The expert provided consulting services and support in the following areas:

  • Transactional anti fraud solution implementation
  • Compliance

AIK Bank

Support in development of policies in Compliance area (2014)

Adriatic Investment Management acted as subcontractor to one of the “big 4 consulting firms”providing expert on this project. The expert provided consulting services and support in he area of compliance.

Our expert was involved  in revising existing and in developing new documents such as:

  • Compliance policy
  • Compliance Programme
  • Whistleblowing Policy; and
  • Fraud Prevention Policy

NLB Bank

Review of compliance function and organisation of Compliance process (2014)

Adriatic Investment Management was contracted by one of the leading world consulting firms to provide expert on this project. We have worked in the area of review of Compliance function and organisation of Compliance process.

Following activities were performed by our expert:

  • Implementation of corporate governance in the bank, establishing boards and committees, writing rulebooks for all board and committees. Audit of compliance
  • Audit of compliance and AML function of the bank

Atlas Group

Atlas Bank due diligence (2014)

  • Full scope financial due diligence for a UK based client.

Atlas Group debt restructuring (2015)

  • AIM has managed to restructure the loan portfolio of two foreign banks related to Atlas Group

Electric Power Industry of Serbia (JP EPS)

The Unbundling Process – Transformation of Distribution System Operator (2015)

Adriatic Investment Management was involved as subcontractor in this project performing following activities:

Standardisation of Distribution core services and Technical services

  • Definition of consolidated organisational structure
  • Preparation of inputs for status change
  • Preparation for unification of organisational structures
  • Preparation for unification of key processes
  • Optimisation initiatives definition

Implementation support

  • Realisation of internal centralisation and unification within 5 DSOs
  • Realisation of centralization to EPS Distribution, PE EPS by status change
  • Preparation for standardisation of organisation and processes
  • Preparation of optimisation initiatives

Century 21 Serbia

Business analysis and improvement (2014)

  • Full analysis of business operations with the focus on procedures and adequate resource utilization

Ministry of FInance

Support in Transformation and functional improvements (2017)

In cooperation with PwC Consulting and British Good Governance Fund (GGF) , we were involved in various projects with aim to provide support to Ministry of Finance in the process of transformation, such as:

  • Support to the Serbian Tax Administration Transformation Program
  • Implementation support for the action plan for the Strategy for resolving non-performing loans (NPLs)
  • Implementation support of Serbia’s NPL strategy – Pilot project
  • Property valuation support
  • Serbian Tax Administration – Organizational and functional review